NAAB NAL (the "City of Lagoons" in the Maya language) BELIZE

An Initiative of the Principality of Cappadocia

Our Vision is to develop a green, smart, Net-Zero New City of twenty-five square miles, dedicated to Health and Wellness on our Mayan Plantation’s sixty square miles shoreline property in Belize by 2030.

Our Goals include dedicating the remaining portion, or about 35 square miles of the Mayan Plantation, once a significant Maya Kingdom “Trading Center,” in recent centuries utilized as a tropical hardwood- and tropical fruit plantation, into a Nature Preserve.

  • The first objective for this goal is to increase the value of the planned Life Style Communities and to give both residents and eco-tourists the opportunity to enjoy the incomparable nature, the abundant wildlife, and numerous Maya archaeological sites on the Mayan Plantation property.

  • The second objective is to support historical and safe eco-tourism.

  • The third objective is to encourage the sponsorship of science-, research-, archaeology-, organic farming-, fishing- and certified forest management projects in education and local entrepreneurship. These efforts started in 2001 with a donation by Dr. Nancy and Gerhart Walch leading to the formation of The Belize Foundation

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